AS Kids Education and Child Development

About us

We believe development during childhood is essential as a foundation for a child to grow and become an individually outstanding adult.

A.S Kids is an educational company, a member of Baxter Brenton Conglomerate, focusing on child learning and development.

One of our products and services is a pre-school daycare, operates under license of KiDO, an educare center providing certified programs and courses from USA that has been improved and worked with American children for years.

Our 2 branches of Kido are Kido Rama III Narathiwat 24, and Kido Charoen Rat.

At Kido, children will experience a new way of learning in a safe, friendly, and positive learning environment. Children learn best while they are playing and experimenting new things. They are natural learners in order for them to grow, develop, discover, explore, and transform themselves into a person they are destined to be with their inner gifts, talents, and capabilities.

KiDO Rama III and Kido Charoen Rat provides programes that are designed to enrich and aid child development individually in different age ranges through structured plays. The programes cover all perspectives of child development including intellectual, physical, emotional, social, logical, problem solving, and creativity. 

Parents and instructors could help enhancing their children progress during stages of development through observing their child's interests and dominant learning progress.

To learn more about courses and programs available at KiDO, visit KiDO Thailand